In my previous notebook, I did some initial analysis on the dataset that contains all poems by /u/poem_for_your_sprog. I noted there that the rhythm, or poetic meter, of the poems, is one of the main characteristics that makes these poems so appealing to me.

In this notebook, I want to get to know a bit more about poetic meter, and explore the meters that sprog utilizes in his poems on /r/AskReddit. A little disclaimer before we start; I did not know anything about poetry when I started this notebook. Well, that's not entirely true; I knew that in poems words usually rhyme. That's about it. Anway, I don't claim that this notebook is exhaustive nor that everything in it is correct, so if you have any feedback or suggestions; please do let me know!

Oh, by the way; all code can be found on GitHub.

Let's go exploring!